Friday, June 3, 2011

Object Oriented Concepts (JAVA) - Object Interactions

Object Interactions

Resembles a game of pool
Interaction is happening via objects method

Object Oriented Concepts (JAVA) - Stubbing out classes

Stubbing out classes

Defining reference class as an empty class (for unimplemented classes)

Object Oriented Concepts (JAVA) - Composition Advantages

Composition - Advantages

Avoid data redundancy and associate potential loss of integrity .
Objects are exposed to other services defined by the referred objects.

Object Oriented Concepts (JAVA) - Composition

referring to objects within objects as attributes

Object Oriented Concepts (JAVA) - Garbage Collection (GC)

Garbage Collection (GC)

GC is the process of releasing unused objects from the memory to free memory.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Object Oriented Concepts (JAVA) - Object Reference

Object Reference

If we consider an object as a balloon. The reference variable is like the string holding it. Also known as the handle 



The term used to describe the bundling of methods and attributes in to a single unit